1 hour Self Tape Recording $60


  • Easily transferable smart device video recording with 
    high quality sound recording (Rode mic)

  • Scene coaching 

  • Australian, American & English accent reader 

  • All final files/takes delivered/transferred immediately 

  • Multiple scenes edited with title intro upon request 

  • Assistance with choosing wardrobe upon request 

  • Hair & make-up (additional fee of $40)

Actor self tapes don't need to be cinematic, but they do need to be well lit, with good sound quality! 

During a self tape session we'll do a couple of run through rehearsals, then I hit record. I aim to make the energy open so we can play with the scene, and I might offer some suggestions to tweak the scene so you have a variety of final options, but my aim is to make sure you're happy with the result. 
Bookings can be extended if a coaching session prior to filming is required. Please ask for more info.

As an actor with 18 years experience in the film industry, I know it's important to get comfortable and grounded during auditions, or you can feel thrown off, and leave feeling as though you blew it. Every actor is different when it comes to auditions, some like to get in and get out, and others like to warm into it. Whatever your style, I'll be happy to help you get the best take of your audition scene. 
xo Alicia - Reel Photographs Founder 

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