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Photographer, Writer, Director, Producer, Actor 
Alicia Pavlis is a working actor; having appeared in Australian TV series such as; Glitch, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, Fat Tony & Co., Winners & Losers, The Dr Blake Mysteries and feature film Predestination. Alicia is also a writer, director, producer, voice over artist, musician and visual artist based in Melbourne, Australia.


As a creative all-rounder, between drama and ceramics classes, painting and sculpting during lunch breaks, and spending all her free time in the digital imaging lab, Alicia took a hobby interest in photography in her teenage years, which progressively developed into a passion.

With over 19 years experience, Alicia is passionate about performing arts and the entertainment industry and is often called upon to weigh in on creative projects spanning all areas of the entertainment industry. She has worked not only as an actor, voice over artist, musician and photographer, but she is also a writer, filmmaker; screenwriter, content producer, director and casting assistant. 

Alicia has worked as head of casting for photographic projects in fashion and music, and as a casting assistant for several TV commercials and short films. She has extensive experience as an on location photoshoot stylist, coordinator and manager. Alicia is also a skilled video editor using Adobe Premiere, and has 15 years experience recording and editing sound with Avid ProTools software.
Alicia has studied branding, business management and marketing and is always open to offering tips and assistance to performers who are looking to develop their personal brand.

Alicia's background in performing arts enables her to relate to her photography clients on a personal level, knowing exactly what it's like to be on the other side of the lens, which has made her more able to understand what is needed to inspire and capture that great shot that shows casting directors who the actor is.

Alicia has spent many years honing her craft and keeps a keen eye on changing trends in the film and entertainment industries, continually in a state of learning by attending conferences and workshops and staying connected to her peers. Alicia is passionate about helping artists create work for themselves so they can feel empowered in today's ever changing creative landscape. 

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