Reel Photographs specialises in headshots, portraiture and fashion photography as well as introduction reels, self tapes, showreel scenes and voice over reels.
Committed to capturing the real essence of the photography subject; models, actors, musicians, entertainers and business professionals alike, Reel Photographs endeavours to find the natural beauty and inspiring energy within each and every unique photoshoot.

Based in Melbourne, Reel Photographs can take care of your portraiture needs, as well as offering high end digital photo retouching, image illustrating and showreel filming, and editing services.



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Photographer, Writer, Director, Producer, Actor 
Alicia Pavlis is an emerging filmmaker and working actor who has appeared in several Australian TV series' including; Glitch, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, Fat Tony & Co., Winners & Losers, The Dr Blake Mysteries and feature film Predestination

With over 20 years experience, Alicia has worked in the film industry as an actor, voice over artist, screenwriter, content producer, director and casting professional.
Alicia launched Reel Photographs in 2015 with a vision to create beautiful natural looking portraits, and to help actors feel safe and comfortable on camera. 

Alicia's background in acting and performing arts enables her to relate to her photography clients on a personal level, knowing exactly what it's like to be on the other side of the lens, which has given her a deeper understanding of what is needed to inspire and capture that great shot that shows casting directors who the actor is.

Alicia has spent many years honing her craft and keeps a keen eye on changing trends in the film and entertainment industries, continually in a state of learning by attending conferences and workshops, developing content, and staying connected to her creative peers. Alicia is passionate about helping artists create work for themselves so they can feel empowered in today's ever changing creative landscape. 

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