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The Creative Multi-Hyphenate... 

Alicia Pavlis is an actor and filmmaker who has appeared in several Australian TV series' including; Glitch, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, Fat Tony & Co., Winners & Losers, and feature film Predestination. Her directorial debut Apparition won Best Indie Short with New York International Film Awards in 2022. Alicia also wrote, produced and edited the short.

With over 20 years experience in the entertainment industry across a variety of roles as an actor, voice over artist, screenwriter, content producer, director, photographer, casting professional, and musician, Alicia has developed a wealth of knowledge and expertise that she uses to inspire and enhance her creative community. 

Alicia is a highly respected and in-demand filmmaking and acting teacher, and has worked for New York Film Academy, Swinburne University of Technology, United Pop Academy, and The Australian Film & Television Academy. 

Alicia launched Reel Photographs in 2015 with a vision to produce boutique content specialising in photography, videography, and editing. She is passionate about creating exciting and engaging work that caters to the modern ever changing creative landscape. 

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