WIN a free headshot course valued at $495

So many actors want to update their headshots, but can't in lockdown, or simply can't afford a professional photographer due to current financial pressures.

In order to help our creative community, I'm offering the chance for 5 lucky winners to learn how to take their own professional headshots with whatever camera device they have available. Be it DSLR, a low budget basic point and shoot, or even a phone camera. 

This will be a skill that you can use in the future to quickly update your headshots with interim photos when you change your look, or when you need to show off a new character look for a last minute casting. Or perhaps you just want to learn how to take self portraits like a pro. 

Even if you don't have any skills with photography, you will learn all of the trade secrets that headshot photographers use in order to capture a great headshot. 

What you will learn; 

  • Posing and camera angles

  • Lighting golden rules and DIY tricks. 

  • Styling and use of colour/costumes 

  • Choosing locations and backgrounds

  • Creating characters/looks to suit your castability 

  • Tips for editing colour and lighting using free or very affordable software programs  

Here's what you need to do... 

1. Take your best self portrait and email it to reelphotographs@gmail.com
2. Include your full name

3. Your current location

4. And what camera you used 

The 5 winners will be chosen based on their creativity and ingenuity.
Here are some key factors to incorporate whilst taking your self portrait for this competition; 

  • Lighting 

  • Focus

  • Background

  • Clothing colours/styling 

It doesn't have to be the most professional and polished photo, but a portrait that clearly shows who you are as an actor/character. 

So get snapping!


Email to: reelphotographs@gmail.com 

Winners will be notified by Friday October 15th 2021.